Aimar Habibi


Born and raised in Marbella, Spain, Aimar grew up immersed in a musical environment where flamenco music and Gypsy culture were constants.

All the while he absorbed the essence of Moroccan music, the soundtrack of his youth. These diverse influences have shaped Aimar’s distinctive style.

Aimar began his musical career at ten years of age, subsequently participating in the television program "Se Llama Copla" at 16, where he stood out as a finalist and captured the attention of prominent artists in Andalusia. His talent was duly noted by several national artists, who quickly offered to collaborate and share the stage with him.

In addition to his success in Spain, Aimar Habibi has received international recognition in the Arab world. He has collaborated and performed at prominent festivals and events in Morocco, Dubai, and Egypt, such as the El Gouna Festival, Alegría Festival, Mawazine Festival, and Dubai Commercial Festival. His talent has been acclaimed in collaborations with renowned artists from the Arab world, ranging from Rai music to Egyptian music from the Middle East.

Aimar is also passionate about pop music, a fan of Michael Jackson, and a follower of trap, rap, and Latin music, such as salsa, bachata, dembow, and reggaeton. In 2019, the magnetism of the Caribbean led him to explore new horizons in urban music, culminating in his latest project in the Dominican Republic. There, Aimar collaborated with renowned local artist and producer DJ Rasuk el Padrote, blending Dominican urban styles with Flamenco, with lyrics in Spanish and Arabic.

This summer, Aimar had the exciting opportunity to open for Romeo Santos at the WiZink Center in Madrid and at the Oasisss Marbella Festival, where he debuted his most recent single “Fátima” - a song that tells a love story between two close cultures, a glimpse of the fusion that Aimar creates blending his unique musical cultures.

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