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With 40 years of experience, we deliver personal attention to novices and veterans alike.  Mayimba is uniquely positioned in the business, providing boutique attention to its select clients - actively managing copyrights to maximize profits and protect IP.  We have direct deals with many of the most important platforms (including YouTube) where we manage our own CMS.  Worldwide coverage provided via our extensive Sub Publishing network. 

Record Label Administration

Mayimba has been managing and administrating third party record labels since inception.  From labels with supergroups like Premium Latin’s Aventura to independents just getting started. 

Music Supervision

Put Mayimba’s publishing backbone and genre specific knowledge in place for your next project!

Film Scoring & Production Services

From simple edits to feature films!

Digital Distribution

Full transparency: Mayimba has a direct distribution deal with The Orchard. What do you get by going through us you ask?  We include traditional label services such as WFH agreements, guest artist agreements, mechanical licensing, payment administration to publishers, accounting/payments to artists, guest artists, and producers.  Production delivery & oversight:  ISRCs, UPCs, Label Copy. All services provided at no additional cost.  For many artists & labels this is the most cost effective way to professionally distribute while properly paying rights holders and protecting intellectual property. 

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General Music Business Consulting

Every case is unique:  Put Mayimba’s experience to work for you!